The ultimate Instagram guide: tips and tricks to try on Instagram

Filter inappropriate comments automatically. 

Instagram is a well-known and widely used social networking platform. Trolls love Instagram, as we all know. Instagram users may now filter out specific customizable terms to hide abusive remarks. To utilize this function, go to your profile’s user settings, scroll down through your choices, and click “comment controls” under the “setting” section to manually build filters for specific phrases and terms to conceal abusive comments or ban comments from particular persons.

Some comments may be hidden from your post; however, you can unhide them.

You can rewind, skip and pause in your stories

Instagram’s introduction of the “Stories” feature was a brilliant decision. You could lose out on the material if you zone out or turn your head while viewing the Instagram story. Instagram stories are supposed to be short and sweet. Tap and hold the screen to pause an Instagram story. To rewind the tale, tap the upper left corner of the story scene (beneath the username and photo of users). To fast forward through a user’s many accounts, tap the story’s screen. You can skip a whole tale for the user by swiping left.

Instagram users you follow can have their stories muted.

On Instagram any user’s story can be muted so that it does not appear in your feed. Press and hold any user’s small bubble-like profile photo in the Instagram stories feed, then select “mute” from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen. This fades their bubble photo and moves it to the bottom of the screen, where you may unmute it anywhere and at any moment.


Instagram allows all of your followers to respond to your stories by default. If you have a popular Instagram account, you may alter this option and don’t want to get additional messages from strangers.

Go to your Instagram profile’s settings and choose “Story Setting” from the “Account” section. You may turn off messages and configure your message answers here so that only followers who follow you back can respond to your Stories.

Hide your Instagram story from a particular user

If your Instagram profile is public, anybody who visits your profile page and taps on your profile photo may see your stories. You may also conceal your Instagram stories from select followers by heading to your “story” settings and entering the follower’s username you want to hide it from. You may also buy automatic Instagram likes to increase the number of people who like your Instagram videos and photos, among other things. You may also keep your tales hidden from others by performing the following: go to their profile and press the three dots in the upper right corner of their profile, then choose “hide your story” from the pop-up menu. Instagram apps like Layout and Boomerang might help you improve your photo postings. You may use the Layout app to make a collage out of many photos and submit it as a single post.

On the other hand, the Boomerang app allows you to create delicate moments without music and brief GIF-like postings. You already have the Layout and Boomerang apps on your phone, and you can access them from within the Instagram app. There are presently several different filters to select from on Instagram. You can arrange your criteria to put your favorites at the top of the list. Tagging individuals in a comment area is a popular Instagram practice right now.