If you are a follower of Instagram and especially stories this article is for you. It is important to publish storires frequently because they are fun and above all they let our imaginations speak. Plus, they’re great for increasing your community’s engagement rate, or even your brand image, from traffic to your e-commerce.

The definition of the insta story

One of the features of Instagram is the Insta story. The latter allows you to share with your community, videos, photos, boomerangs, GIFs… Only, each publication lasts 24 hours.

However, you can put in “Highlight” the content you want to display in a parmanent way on your profile. Your subscribers and you can find your insta story by clicking on your profile picture.

Snapchat stories are dead live the Insta stories

For starters, if you want to connect with your audience, Instagram outperforms Snapchat. Indeed, it generates many more users, in reality: double… 300 million people watching instas stories every day.

Better accessibility

Anyone can watch your stories on Instagram from the moment the user follows you or if your profile is in public. A good technique to win again follower is to put his account in public to give another insight (in addition to your photos) to people who do not follow you yet.

Hashtags, always hashtags

Hashtags aren’t usable only when you post a photo to your profile, you can also include them in your 24-hour story. When a user searches for a hashtag, your story appears in News Feed, you know where the little magnifying glass is. This is a good way to gain visibility. Buy Instagram story views to increase engagement, build brand awareness, increase traffic and even make online sales. Instagram stories have caught the attention of all marketers around the world.

External links

If you already have at least 10,000 subscribers, you can include a link on your story such as a link to your website, or your e-commerce site. The Swipe up (yes that’s the name of the feature) will generate traffic to the platform to which you want to direct your community.

Remember to express orally that they have the opportunity. If you don’t have 10,000 followers you can always include a link on your Instagram profile.

Expanding your community

Another way to exploit insta stories is to tag a user or even your friends on your posts, it will strengthen your links, and the user will feel valued to appear in your story. Buy Ig story views to expand the community.


By letting what you do every day appear, without publishing every ten minutes, you get a sense of exclusivity in your community. The more quality content you post, the more you will liven up your community.

Don’t be afraid to dare, go for it. If you are proposing a product, filming the development will give your community the impression that it is involved in the process.

Marking the spirits

The great advantage of insta stories is that you are in constant contact with your community or your customers. Indeed, there is no time to publish, as is the case with the photos you post on your profile. This is the tool to be seen more frequently when you know the complexity of Instagram algorithms.

Visible 24 hours a day

It is important to publish insta stories at least twice a day, with an interval of 10 to 12 hours, so as to fuel your story and fill the need of your users, because if they follow you it is for a good reason.

Let your imagination speak for itself

Let your imagination speak by publishing your first insta story, as social channels, or algorithms change, there is no secret to animate and attract users: you have to publish, publish, publish, And if possible quality content.

All story options are available to create interesting content like GIFs, stickers, filters or even shooting angle, location, hashtags and even polls that you can use as a mini study to walk, to find out if this or that thing would please more than anything else.

That said, Instagram is a good tool to develop your marketing strategy if you want to generate traffic on your website or promote your e-commerce.

Keep in mind that once you post a new photo or video on Instagram, your followers can interact and comment. Don’t hesitate to respond to comments and respond to private messages in order to build a real community.

To do this, write entertaining captions, share motivational phrases or quotes, mention and tag people, or post stories with polls or open-ended questions. Hashtags increase your visibility.

You can create one specific to your brand (example: #lovehivency). Finally, give your subscribers a date every week or month, such as a contest game every Monday or the quote of the week.

The idea is to bring your brand to life through the content you share on Instagram, create visual emotions and establish your own identity.

So we need to:

Avoid posting only promotional photos of your brand, products or service. You need to better share creative content to amuse people (while staying connected to your brand),

Post relevant photos,

Choose unique photos (rather than image banks), photos that people can’t find elsewhere. Don’t hesitate to stage your products and shoot photos in-house, post photos of your team or events! This makes it easier for people to identify themselves.

Don’t hesitate to create buzz based on the news of the day, week or month in order to create engagement and encourage your followers to interact with each other.