If you are an Instagram user, you must know how important and fun Instagram stories are. It is very important to post Instagram stories on a regular basis because you can speak your imagination. Moreover, it can increase the engagement rate and will also improve brand image. You can also buy IG story views to increase visibility.

What is an Instagram story?

Instagram stories allow you to share your videos, GIFs, pictures, boomerangs, etc. without overwhelming your feed. These stories will disappear after 24 hours. But if you put them on Highlights, these will display on your profile your followers can watch your stores by clicking on your profile picture.

Instagram stories are much more popular than Snapchat stories and bring more audience. More Instagram users generate Instagram stories every day, and these stories are viewed by almost double Instagram users that Snapchat users. Here is how Instagram stories will prove beneficial for you and your business:

You will enjoy better accessibility.

When you upload a story, everyone can watch it. If your profile is public, a person who is not following you can also watch your story. If you want to win more followers, make sure that your profile is public. This way, a person can know you better and decide if he should follow you or not.

Hashtags make you more reachable.

Hashtags are not only for use on posts, but you can also use them on your stories. When someone searches for a hashtag, your story will appear under the search; it is a good way to make your profile more visible. You can also buy Instagram story views to build brand awareness and increase traffic.

Add external links

If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can add a link to your profile. You can also incorporate the direct link of your website to an Instagram story that will lead the visitor to your website. So it will also prove helpful in driving traffic to your website.

Mention your friends and followers

Make creative content and post on your stories. Moreover, give your followers a challenge and mention winners on your stories. Also, mention your friends on your stories by sharing your group will create a friendly environment. You can also buy Instagram impressions for increasing profile visibility.

Prefer quality over quantity

You can post as many stories as you want, but that does not mean you have to post every 10 minutes even if you do not have time. Plan your stories and make them creatively. Quality matters a lot post regularly but do not post 20 pictures a day if they don’t make any sense. Try to post a few after every 10 or 12 hours. Buy IGTV views to increase the audience.

Make a marketing strategy to promote your brand.

Being an influencer or promoting a brand on Instagram requires a strategy. You cannot only post-service san products on your stories; it will not prove beneficial. Share your own photos, team, and event photos so that people know you and can trust you.